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Do you have a favourite photo on your phone, computer or tablet but don’t know what to do with it? We can help to bring your images to life! Whether you would like a photo print, or a poster print, we can create great prints from your digital files.

Originally our business was established to mount conventional offset printing products and photographs. However, technological advancements of inks, paper, software and equipment have allowed us to grow with these changes in technology. What does this mean for you? Our Digital Printing Services give us the ability to print from your digital files. This combined with our PLAK-IT® finishing options give you unparalleled options for your digital files.

Top Digital Printing Company

With over 40 years of experience, PLAK-IT® has become one of  the top Digital Printing and Plaque Mounting companies in Canada, serving customers through an extensive dealer network. Customers love the one stop shopping service we provide, making it easy for dealers to order our products.

Our Digital Printing Services are ideal for:

  • Custom Artwork or Digital Content, i.e. PDF, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign files
  • Posters and banners can also be created from your digital artwork
  • Canvases for those special occasions
  • Photo Prints and Photo Enlargements
  • Poster Prints
  • Hanging Banners

Many finishing options are available for any printed piece, using any of our PLAK-IT® finishing services. Photo enlargements can be produced from a high-resolution file. Our inkjet technology is UV stable, so your prints won’t fade. We are able to print up to 48” wide in one piece.

Easy Online Service

Digital files can now be sent to us directly using our Online Upload service. This new feature of our website allows you to upload your digital file, resize and crop your image, choose a PLAK-IT® process and submit your file for production. The site will even tell you if your file resolution is too small to enlarge or print saving you time and money. This intuitive service now makes it easy to order your finished product!

Quality Printing That Lasts

Our inkjet technology is UV stable, with archival properties, so your prints won’t fade. Our Epson and Mutoh printers produce high resolution prints that are meant to last for years to come! We colour manage our printers and media, ensuring your prints are colour accurate. Prints can be made as small as 5″ wide, or up to 48″ wide by as long as you want!

Professional Finishing Ensures Quality

You choose the display process and we will do the rest. Many finishing options are available for any printed piece, using any of our PLAK-IT® finishing services. Whether you are looking for a PLAK-IT® mounted print, an acrylic our aluminum finish, or a stretched canvas print, you can choose the process that will be best suited to display on your wall.